Annual Conference: Health and work in a changing world

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 09:00 to 16:00
The theme of this year’s Annual Conference will be on health and work in a changing world. This event is for everyone from academics to risk managers to trade union representatives and is a great opportunity to share best practice with other like-minded professionals with an interest in health in the workplace.

Disability confidence training

Creating an open and fair environment where all employees are valued is good for morale - enabling all employees to work to their full potential creates greater efficiencies.

This is why we have developed our specialist disability confidence courses. We offer two courses in disability confidence; one aimed at individuals at any level and one aimed at managers.

'Cash shortage for special educational needs' support

Schools in England are struggling to support the 1.1 million pupils with special needs or disabilities (SEND) in mainstream classrooms, a report says.

A survey of 1,100 school leaders found delays to assessments, insufficient budgets and cuts to local authorities were hampering the ability to cope.
The study by The Key, which provides leadership and management support to schools, calls for increased funding.
The government says it has increased funding for those with "high needs".

Dyslexic friendly font on your browser or phone for every page! OpenDyslexic

open dyslexia

Fonts are a big issue for Dyslexic people on the internet, some are too fat, or skinny others have slappy bits on the end and others are just ugly and hard to read.
Imagine now you could have the OpenDyslexic font everywhere!
Now you can i've installed OpenDyslexic as a chrome extension and it changes every page to that font, and when i want to turn it off i click the O button on the tool bar and its back to the defalt font.

Why i love my dyslexia friendly kindle E-reader


As a dyslexic reading book has always been an issue, i love books and reading, but i struggled for years, some books were tiny print so i could read them at all others were too thick so i was put off by the idea of never finishing such a big book, you will probably have your own fears and issues you could add to my list.


Conference Venue: University of Sunderland, Department of Social Sciences, London Campus, 197 Marsh Wall, Docklands, London E14 9SG, United Kingdom
Date: 09–10 September 2016

Stephen J. Macdonald, Kate Esser, Matthias Grünke, & Teresa A. Citro


Friday and Saturday 09–10 September 2016

The field of learning disabilities (LD) progresses when we learn from each other.

One in ten business ‘unable to support disabled workers’


The Government is being urged to do more to help people with disabilities secure jobs after new research revealed that one in 10 businesses felt unable to support an employee with a disability or long-term health condition. A survey carried out by employment specialist Reed in Partnership and charity Disability Rights UK highlighted the challenges faced by disabled job seekers and employers.

Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia - Best practice

Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia - Best practice
This Best practice forms Appendix A in the Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia. The aim of the examples given is not to be complete but to inspire.

In order to keep the sources up-to-date, they will be checked annually and the most recent version of Best Practice will be available at the IFLA website (

FLA Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia – Revised and extended

The IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia – revised and extended* aim to offer guidance to IFLA professional units and all its members worldwide on developing and implementing library services to persons with dyslexia.

These new guidelines assist libraries in providing services to persons with dyslexia, with ideas, examples and suggestions on how to recognize library visitors with dyslexia, how to approach them and how to improve the library services.


Broadly, there are two forms of reading disorder: difficulties with decoding (dyslexia) and difficulties with comprehension (Cain, 2010; Hulme & Snowling, 2009). In this view, Snowling (1991) had proposed a single deficit causal definition of dyslexia until recently, which she maintained until Snowling (2000). Snowling (2013) admitted that 'that book needed to be rewritten' because she and her colleagues had carried out family studies and a meta-analysis study that confirmed that dyslexia was an outcome based on biological-cognitive, as well as, behavioural-environmental factors.

How Extended Time on Tests Helped Improve More Than Just Test Scores

dyslexia logo

This nightmare might sound familiar to you:

How I managed with dyslexia as a firefighter - Dave Pamah

daves picture

When I ( Dave Pamah) started work as a firefighter, I wasn’t in a position where I had to do a lot writing for or to other people. At school I taught myself how to memorize things in a most amazing way, because I struggled to read. I listened very well in meetings and when I was briefed about something, my memory was phenomenal.

How I See The World Backwards An open letter to my dyslexia.

Dear Dyslexia,
I have a confession to make, I use to hate your guts but now I absolutely love you and appreciate you more than ever. Although you still make me frustrated at times, especially when we are reading a book together. You like to read too fast and make all the words look completely different, that is not very nice but I still love you.

When we were first learning our ABC's, we said the whole alphabet backwards. We use to get laughed at by our peers, but today in college saying the ABC's backwards is a very cool talent to have.

Five trends revealed by today's new SEND and exclusion statistics

Government data shows that the number of pupils receiving SEND support is falling
New Department for Education stastics on statistics on special educational needs and disability (SEND) and exclusion rates and reasons were published today. They reveal that:

Original Story here

Inspirational Dyslexic Speakers Event (London 15 Sept)

Aspire2inspire Dyslexia: ⋆Inspirational Dyslexic Speakers Event

Thursday, 15 September 2016 from 18:30 to 21:00 (BST)
London's Penfold Centre - Neville Gill Close, London, SW18 4TJ - View Map

Get Free tickets here
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