Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book gets edition for dyslexic readers

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the eighth part in JK Rowling’s wizarding series, has been made accessible to a whole new wave of readers thanks to two innovative publishers. First, The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have teamed up with Little, Brown to release both braille and giant print editions of the book (both now released), with an audiobook version coming “very soon”.

Steve Tyler of RNIB said in a press release: “Books open up a whole new world for blind and partially sighted people, transforming lives, ending isolation and expanding horizons.

Lloyd’s CEO calls for further disability inclusion

Lloyd’s CEO, Inga Beale has called for the further inclusion of disabled people within the working world

Speaking at an event hosted at the House of Commons, Beale also called on recruiters to help to include people with disabilities and issued them with a challenge to increase disability confidence.

Speaking at the conference, Beale said, “We cannot afford to ignore the untapped potential talent that exists within the disabled community – and we need help from the recruitment industry to do it.”

usa -States Fall Short on First Professional Teacher Trainings for Dyslexia

So it’s begun: states like South Carolina have begun making their first professional development for teachers explaining what dyslexia is and how teachers can meet their needs of the students in their classrooms. It’s a start.

However, if you look at the modules (see below), you’ll understand how little teachers may be prepared to meet the needs of dyslexic students in classrooms.

US charter school serving students with dyslexia set to open

Principal Brett Marcoux gives a tour of Provident Charter School to prospective parents and students on Wednesday.

Pa.'s first charter school serving students with dyslexia set to open
August 4, 2016 12:00 AM

By Molly Born / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

After six years of planning, a challenge in court and a volley of appeals, Brett Marcoux isn’t going to let a paint job or two stand between him and the opening of the state’s first public charter school for children with dyslexia.

Scottish inventor claims new software can instantly mark essays and help students turn Bs into As

ROBIN Donaldson has developed a system which he claims can help improve students' work.
Robin says his software can help students with their essay
A DIGITAL inventor hopes to help students across the world after creating software which marks their essays.

Robin Donaldson struggled with dyslexia as a child. But he became ­fascinated with computers – and has now developed a system which he claims helps to improve students’ work.

He spent days locked in a Las Vegas hotel room with business partner Jamey Heit while the pair developed the idea.

Tips on dealing with dyslexia in the workplace

It is estimated that around 1 in 10 people have dyslexia. It predominately causes reading and writing difficulties but memory, mathematics, organisation and sequencing skills can also be affected.

Dyslexia is a disability and workers with this condition are protected from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

There have been a number of employment cases which provide some pertinent advice for employers.

Dyslexic designers challenge stigma of condition with designjunction exhibition

London Design Festival 2016: ten dyslexic designers from the worlds of illustration, home ware and fashion are showing work at this year's designjunction exhibition in London (+ slideshow).
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Research project needs your help

This project is part of Hannah Bath’s MSc programme in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies at the University of York. The objective of this project is to observe how people program. For instance, do people have difficulty in finding syntax errors?

You will be given a number of programming problems to solve to the best of your ability. We will note the accuracy of your replies and also how much time you take to answer.

Modern Learning: 6 Reasons Why Learning Has Changed Forever

Modern Learning Environments: How Learning Has Changed Forever


We’re an open online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world; we believe that accessibility is for everyone.

Social media has great power to connect people and we hope to accomplish and encourage in-depth discussion and spread knowledge about the work people are doing to enable greater access and inclusion through whatever means.

EHRC says lack of progress on disability rights is society’s badge of shame

A new national effort to promote disability rights is needed as ‘progress has stalled’ says the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights.

Publishing the EHRC response to the Lords Select Committee report on the Equality Act 2010 and its effect on the lives of disabled people, David Isaac has called for a new national focus on disability rights so that disabled people are no longer treated as ‘2nd class citizens’.

A BIG NO.. NO, is that with people with Learning Disabilities, no technology fits all.

Technology provides today’s students with an infinite number of distractions; mobile devices have literally put texting, Facebook, and addictive games at their fingertips. Although some educators might perceive this technology as a bane to classroom learning, it can actually be one of your most powerful educational tools.

MP event sees businesses pledging to hire more employees with disabilities

Diversity consultancy, The Clear Company, has hailed the success of a recent event hosted with Weaver Vale MP, Graham Evans, which saw more companies committing to become Disability Confident employers.

The Leadership Academy Programme

Disability Rights UK wants to share some exciting information with you about The Leadership Academy Programme;

Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut
The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk.



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