Business Disability Forum launch new digital inclusion process Access Pathway

Business Disability Forum (BDF) announce the launch of its latest digital inclusion service, the Access Pathway. The Access Pathway is a new route to a comprehensive accessible digital presence for businesses no matter what size, industry or sector.

Tim Tebow – Overcoming Dyslexia

Born in the Philippines to American missionary parents in 1987, Tim Tebow is an American football quarterback who has experienced great success and acclaim throughout his life. He has had such success despite odds which were stacked against him before even being born.

While in the Philippines, Tim’s mother Pamela became ill with amoebic dysentery and slipped into a coma. When she was still recovering, she discovered she was pregnant. Medications being used to treat her caused a severe placental abruption and doctors told her to abort the child, as a stillbirth was imminent.

What Muhammad Ali Learned From Getting in the Ring with Dyslexia

The Beatles and Muhammad AliIf you or a loved one has ever struggled with dyslexia, then you know how frustrating — and sometimes how isolating and mentally and emotionally painful it can be. Dyslexia is a common problem for many people around the world — and sometimes when it is not caught at a young age it can reap many consequences as that child grows into an adult. People who are unaware that they have it can experience depression, a low self-confidence and the belief that they are not smart.

free webinar series on Dyslexia.

The International Dyslexia Association is offering a free webinar series on Dyslexia. The first webinar will take place June 14th at 4:00 pm EST and again on June 15th at 10:00 am EST

Listen and interact with internationally respected reading teacher and educator, Patricia Mathes, Ph.D., as she

Adam Giles faces calls to resign after calling Labor MP 'dyslexic'

Kezia Purick says chief minister’s comments, made on the final sitting day of parliament, were ‘appalling’

Adam Giles and deputy chief minister Peter Styles.

The Northern Territory chief minister, Adam Giles, and his deputy, Peter Styles. Giles apologised after first defending the comments.

The chief minister of the Northern Territory should resign over comments he made that a Labor parliamentarian was dyslexic, the NT Speaker has said.

Roll up your sleeves for Dyslexia

Roll up your sleeves for dyslexia is a call to action for teachers, school leaders, universities and politicians in Australia to roll up their sleeves and do something to create positive change.

Like A Dyslexic’, by 12 Year Old Isley

#likeadyslexic created by a 12 year old dyslexia advocate

Disabled Travel Website Set to Launch in Birmingham

The website Limitless Travel aims to help disabled people travel by reviewing the accessibility of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Website Limitless Travel is launching in Birmingham. After a successful launch in London the site is now extending its services into the UK’s second city, backed by a group of UoB students.

When you visit a new city, what would you do if you had no idea how to find accessible transport, places to visit or places to eat?

Michael Fabbri's Dyslexicon bbc radio4

This radio for program will be available on the 3rd June 2016. for just 30 days!

Adult Life
Michael Fabbri's Dyslexicon

Comedian Michael Fabbri is dyslexic, but this programme is not a message of hope and encouragement. Instead, it's a catalogue of mistakes and challenges that Michael has faced throughout his life.

From amateur writer to accomplished author with speech recognition software

For non-fiction writer Joe Holt, penning his first book was a daunting affair – he wrote it by hand and then re-typed it on his computer. This two-year process almost kept him from writing again. That was until he discovered Dragon speech recognition; instead of taking pen to paper again, he began to speak his thoughts. As he continued to master Dragon, Holt drafted two books in just THREE days using nothing more than his voice.

10 Guidelines To Emphasize Visual Design In Your eLearning

Explore and apply 10 design guidelines that can transform your eLearning to make it more clear, easy to read, and readily comprehensible. Not only can you learn what these guidelines are, but you can practice using them in this award winning online interactive. These guidelines make your eLearning look professional, support user’s learning process, and increase your course production efficiency (saving you time and therefore money).

he Importance Of Visual Design In eLearning

Papworth Trust : The EU Referendum: Disability and the European Union,

Papworth Trust hopes their report, entitled The EU Referendum: Disability and the European Union, will inform debate and elevate the issues for disabled people to consider ahead of June’s referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

The report contains information about the relationship between the EU and disability in the UK as well as what the two rival campaigns are saying ahead of the vital decision.

Papworth Trust chief executive Vicky McDermott said:

How a font can help people with dyslexia to read | Christian Boer | TEDxFultonStreet

It's very rare that graphic design can relieve a medical problem, but this is one such case. Take a brief tour through the world of dyslexia, as Christian Boer shows how conventional typography produces text that is hard for dyslexics to read. Then he demonstrates clearly how his innovation sidesteps the usual stumbling blocks - making a potentially life-changing improvement for millions.

TUC Disabled Workers Conference: PIP U-turn ‘could be turning-point’ in fightback

Union delegates say the government’s decision to reverse planned cuts to its new disability benefit could be a turning-point in the fightback against its repeated attacks on disabled people.

The TUC Disabled Workers Conference in London voted in favour of an emergency motion which welcomed the government’s decision to “backtrack” on the proposed cuts to personal independence payment (PIP).

Gatwick Airport launches lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities

England's Gatwick Airport has unveiled an optional lanyard for disabled passengers who require additional support when travelling through the airport.

Gatwick Airport chief executive Stewart Wingate said: "We recognise that travelling through a busy airport can be a challenge for passengers with hidden disabilities and we want to ensure that we're doing everything we can to welcome and assist all our passengers.


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