Consultation on the public policy statement on Crimes Against Disabled People

The policy statement on crimes against disabled people:
*Explains the way that the CPS deals with and prosecutes crimes against disabled people, including disability hate crimes;
*Explains what victims and witnesses can expect from the CPS;
*Reflects the CPS's understanding that the social model of disability means that the prejudice, discrimination and social exclusion experienced by many disabled people is not the inevitable result of their impairments or medical conditions, but rather stems from specific barriers they experience on a daily basis;
*Is particularly designed for disabled people and the organisations that support them as victims and witnesses, although it may also be of interest to the general public.

Questions for Consultation
In advance of its finalisation and implementation, we would welcome your views on five specific questions regarding the public policy statement:

1. Does the section on CPS policy address the key issues in prosecuting crimes against disabled people?

2. Does the section on Situational risk and "vulnerable victims" reflect and address disabled people's concerns about the misuse of the term "vulnerable" as a label?

3. Does the section on The social model of disability explain how the CPS applies the model to its own work?

4. Does the section on Prosecution and sentencing explain clearly that the CPS will apply for an increased sentence in all appropriate cases?

5. Do you have any further comments on the CPS Policy on Prosecuting Crimes against Disabled People?

Any comments that you have outside these questions are also welcome.

How to Respond
It would be helpful if you could give your feedback using the CPS Policy on Prosecuting Crimes against Disabled People response form from this website for ease of analysis.

Please return your completed feedback to by midnight on 9 January 2017.

If you are replying by email, we would be grateful if you would not attach any other documents to the consultation response form document. There are limits on the size of documents that we are able to accept and any completed response form document which has an attachment runs the risk of not being delivered. If you wish to send an attachment to us, or raise any queries that you have on the consultation, these can be submitted separately to the same e-mail address shown above.

We would prefer electronic submissions if possible but, if you would rather submit your feedback in hard copy it can be returned, by the same date, to:

Christine Pember
Crimes against Disabled People Consultation
Crown Prosecution Service
9th Floor North
Rose Court
Southwark Bridge Road

Please include your name, organisation (if applicable), postal address, telephone number and email address in any response.

original article here

there is also a petition to try and get a hate crime bill amended to include crimes against disabled people