Disabled Travel Website Set to Launch in Birmingham

The website Limitless Travel http://www.limitlesstravel.org/ aims to help disabled people travel by reviewing the accessibility of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Website Limitless Travel is launching in Birmingham. After a successful launch in London the site is now extending its services into the UK’s second city, backed by a group of UoB students.

When you visit a new city, what would you do if you had no idea how to find accessible transport, places to visit or places to eat?

The site provides travel information on the accessibility of hotels, restaurants and attractions for tourists with disabilities or mobility issues. Users are able to search the area based on accessibility requirements.

Birmingham receives more than 34 million visitors each year. The city is also the only in the UK to make it onto the Rough Guides Global List of places to visit 2015, alongside destinations such as Malaga and Hamburg.

On the website users can filter based on requirements such as ‘Wheelchair accessible’, ‘hearing impaired’, ‘mobility impaired’, ‘visually impaired’ and ‘family friendly’. Users can also check whether an attraction has wheelchairs, scooters or pushchairs for hire. Details such as whether there are staff trained in British Sign Language, concession prices or free entries for carers are also provided.

Limitless Travel was founded by Angus Drummond, an investment banker diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2012 at the age of 22. As Angus’ mobility began to decline he quit his job to explore the world, but found issues facing him. Angus said: ‘When you visit a new city, what would you do if you had no idea how to find accessible transport, places to visit or places to eat?’ It is these issues that Limitless travel intends to solve.

‘Limitless Travel’s aim is to promote equality and fairness for all who travel; raising awareness and understanding within the tourist industry. Through our website we believe the future is limitless – disabled travel doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. We are making it an exciting opportunity to discover new parts of the world.’

The site is looking for people in the West Midlands to review hotels and attractions and show how accessible Birmingham is and to take the stress out of travelling with a disability.

To coincide with the site’s launch in Birmingham Limitless Travel is hosting the first Birmingham Access Awards. These awards celebrate those business that champion accessibility.

If you have experience of being in the city and would like to be involved you can contact Limitless Travel through their website at
http://www.limitlesstravel.org/ or
tweet the site at @LimitlessTr4vel.
You can also find them at www.facebook.com/hashtaglimitless.

James Moore
3rd year student of Classical Literature and Civilisation.
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