Dyslexia In Education - It's not shameful to ask for help!

I’m Maz Cope, 25 years old, from Bath and I’m dyslexic. I was diagnosed at the age of 24 in my final year of my Bachelor of Arts Creative Writing degree, after my lecturer, Dr Martin Randall (University of Gloucestershire) acknowledged a pattern of errors in my work. Maz Cope receiving her award from the Media Trust. Maz Cope - "It's not shameful to ask for help when you are struggling.

I am glad he told me in my first dissertation session that I needed to see a disability advisor for a dyslexia assessment because the help I received from my study skills tutor, Katie Masterson, boosted my grades and helped me to understand the mistakes I made and I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. It is NOT shameful to ask for help when you are struggling or to admit you are struggling and need support. Being dyslexic DOES NOT mean you are thick, it is another way of looking at situations or tasks. Generally many people who are dyslexic, excel in other areas and are very creative. The late great boxer, Mohammad Ali, Physicist, Albert Einstein, who was considered a genius and director, Stephen Spielberg are all dyslexic.These are just a few public figures who have come

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