Dyslexia-Friendly Online SuperReading Course 2017

Online SuperReading Course
Since 2008, over 370 dyslexic adults have benefited from SuperReading courses. Now 86% of them read faster and with better comprehension than their tutors, in as little as four days. On average they have overtaken 60% of non-dyslexic readers. The course also has a money back guarantee if the SuperReader doesn’t double their Reading Effectiveness (speed x comprehension/recall). No-one has yet needed to claim their refund. We coach reading excellence and our feedback and evaluations are simply inspirational:

"This course has changed my life.

This course changed what I think I am capable of. I no longer feel threatened or intimidated by the reading capacity of others. When someone asked me in class the other day if I 'really read that fast', I cried.

At school I had been put in a remedial class because of my poor basic-literacy skills, but now my reading skills match my other academic and intellectual abilities.

This course has opened the world of literature to me and in this way I am liberated.”
Leo, undergraduate at LSE, who attended a specialist school for dyslexic learners.

Now all dyslexic readers can access SuperReading in their own home, in their own time, with the same money back guarantee, at a fraction of the price.
Our special offer includes a 75% discount, reducing the cost from £300 to £75.

The dyslexia-friendly online SuperReading course includes individual feedback and coaching. The nine reasons this is a dyslexia friendly course can be found here: http://outsidersoftware.co.uk/superreading-online-course/#dysfr

Course details can be found here: http://outsidersoftware.co.uk/superreading-online-course/

Video introduction to the course can be accessed here: http://superreading.screencasthost.com/channels/cDQ3Q3rAC#navback

Video preview of the course structure can be accessed here: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cD6ZIwj59q

Please contact Dr Ross Cooper for further details