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The Dyslexia Quest podcast: In The Minds Eye I ( ELISHEVA SCHWARTZ) was really excited to sit down with Thomas G West , author of In the Minds Eye: Creative Visual Thinkers, Gifted Dyslexics and the Rise of Visual Technologies , Computer Images and the Ironies of Creativity “ and ” Thinking Like Einstein: Returning to Our Visual Roots with the Emerging Revolution in Computer Information Visualisation” as well as many others.

West’s first book came out 25 years ago(!!), and was truly a visionary far beyond his times regarding these issues, we talked about how these ideas have evolved over the past two decades, and the variety of reception across the many different countries that West has travelled and lectured on the topics of his books.
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Thomas G. West is the author of In the Mind’s Eye — Creative Visual Thinkers, Gifted Dyslexics and the Rise of Visual Technologies, selected as one of the “best of the best” for the year by the American Library Association (one of only 13 books in their broad psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience category). A second edition was released in 2009 with Foreword by Oliver Sacks, MD, who states: “In the Mind’s Eye brings out the special problems of people with dyslexia, but also their strengths, which are so often overlooked. Its accent is not so much on pathology as on how much human minds vary. It stands alongside Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind as a testament to the range of human talent and possibility.” In the Mind’s Eye was published in Japanese translation in as Geniuses Who Hated School. A Chinese translation was published in 2004 and a Korean translation was released in late 2011. In connection with In the Mind’s Eye and his other writings, Mr. West has been invited to provide presentations for scientific, medical, art, design, computer and business groups in the U.S. and overseas, including groups in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and twelve European countries.

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