Dyslexic friendly font on your browser or phone for every page! OpenDyslexic

open dyslexia

Fonts are a big issue for Dyslexic people on the internet, some are too fat, or skinny others have slappy bits on the end and others are just ugly and hard to read.
Imagine now you could have the OpenDyslexic font everywhere!
Now you can i've installed OpenDyslexic as a chrome extension and it changes every page to that font, and when i want to turn it off i click the O button on the tool bar and its back to the defalt font.

the great thing is its free and available to Linux, windows Android ios tablets phones or browsers. just go to OpenDyslexic and download it or add the extentions

the font is the one used in the Kindle and i'm told the Kobo e readers so you may already be familiar with it.
try it out for a while it may take a little getting used to but its great for me.

Ian Hurst Dyslexic Writer and Community Activist
youthworker.org & ian.hurst.org.uk