he Codpast is a fresh and contemporary resource for students and adults with Dyslexia.

The Codpast is a multimedia, online resource tailor made for students and adults with Dyslexia. Here you'll find relevant help, advice and up to the minute news and views. Whether you're in college, Uni, looking for your first job or building your career, you'll find The Codpast a place full of really useful information.

Made for and by dyslexics

We noticed, ironically, that many websites aimed at dyslexics are incredibly text heavy. At The Codpast our content is made up of dyslexic friendly videos and podcasts. When our articles are text based we try to keep them under 500 words. We also have BrowseAloud built directly into the site for those who find the help of assistive tech such as screen readers useful.

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