How I See The World Backwards An open letter to my dyslexia.

Dear Dyslexia,
I have a confession to make, I use to hate your guts but now I absolutely love you and appreciate you more than ever. Although you still make me frustrated at times, especially when we are reading a book together. You like to read too fast and make all the words look completely different, that is not very nice but I still love you.

When we were first learning our ABC's, we said the whole alphabet backwards. We use to get laughed at by our peers, but today in college saying the ABC's backwards is a very cool talent to have.

I remember we use to despise getting called on by the teacher to read aloud to the class. Our stomachs would turn and our minds would race but made it through it very slowly. We survived the horrifying SAT and ACT together, even though it took us longer than the average person.

I remember the proud moment when we graduated high school with all honors when some people told us that was impossible for someone like us.

That shows us that our reading as excelled since we were first diagnosed together. However, we are not very good with phone numbers, that is one thing we are still trying to get better at. That's why we have forever together to figure it out.
I am so glad there is orange font to use to help our eyes differentiate between words. For the most part, I believe we have a strong and close relationship now that we understand each other.

Remember when we found out that Cher, Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Aniston all share a special bond like we do? That is when we learned that we were not alone in the world together, and there are so many people like us in the world.
Oh, how could I forget the time we were writing birthday party invitations to our friends and we kept spelling "dirthbay." We were so upset at the time, we thought they were great but mom thought other wise. She told us "Sweetie, you are going to have to pick out more invitations because you spelled birthday wrong." Still to this day we mix up our b,d,p's, as well as our m, and w's.

I believe that the most important lessons we have learned together is not to get angry at each other because that only makes things a lot worse, and when we do get upset to take a break, laugh and walk it off and come back with a fresh pair of untangled eyes.
I just wanted to thank you for teaching me to view the world differently and shaping me into the person I have become today. Together we can accomplish anything. You will always be apart of my life and I cannot wait to write more chapters in our book together.



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