Yesterday was world mental health day, and this week there is an event at Burnley FC as part of mental health awareness week. So I have decided to re-post this.

I focus on being positive about dyslexia, which is very important. However there is a dark side to dyslexia; the statistics are hard to prove, but there is large proportion of the prison population that have literacy difficulties and a good proportion of these will be dyslexic. Also if dyslexia is not dealt with this can lead to increased anxiety and mental health problems. This is why it is very important that dyslexia is picked up in childhood, this will mean that they can be given strategies to overcome their dyslexia.

Some people actually view their dyslexia as a gift that enables them to think more holistically than 90% of the population. A high percentage of dyslexics are architects; also Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell are famous scientists who were dyslexic.