SuperReading Online Course

Dyslexia-friendly SuperReading is now available to readers with a good internet connection for a fraction of the price of a group course (25%), with a money back guarantee* You will become an excellent reader by ‘doing’, not listening (just like learning a musical instrument).

The course includes online videos, electronic practice and testing materials and emailed feedback with coaching to ensure you get the most from SuperReading. (This course also includes the Memory Room course).

Double your Reading Effectiveness** in as little as 4 days

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*This is a no quibble guarantee for the SuperReading Eye-hopping course provided that you:

1. Watch all the course videos in order.

2. Do all the eye-hopping practice we recommend

3. Email all your reading speeds and comprehension scores to

4. Engage with your feedback.

5. This money back guarantee is for the cost of the course, (not the materials if you chose to purchase them).

**Reading effectiveness is measured by speed x comprehension/recall