Dyslexia fonts and browser plugins


Previously i’ve posted about Dyslexia friendly fonts and a browser extension called OpenDyslexic , i know some people don’t like that font so i’ve tried a few others on my chromebook. if they are on your platform opera, firefox, windows or ios please let us know on Facebook so i can add that information.

all the addons are free and tested on Chrome browser and from the chrome web store

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Dyslexia checklist.

Are you dyslexic?

This checklist  (ADO Checklist pdf  right click & save as) was developed in conjunction with Professor Tim Miles OBE of Bangor University following empirical research by Dr Ross Cooper of LLU+, London South Bank University. This checklist does not attempt to record the talents, skills or potential linked with dyslexia.

The checklist is organised around some of the key difficulties
experienced by people with dyslexia in terms of reading, spelling, memory,
organisation and sequencing. A more formal assessment may confirm the
presence of dyslexia.

to Download the ADO checklist right click save link as or click the link to open in a new tab ADO Checklist pdf

If you have done the check list and think you may be dyslexic then contact us with the following info

Why do you think need a Dyslexia assessment?
Where are you in the UK?  or internationally?
Are you working, student or unemployed?
these questions will help us give you the correct information.