Dyslexia fonts and browser plugins


Previously i’ve posted about Dyslexia friendly fonts and a browser extension called OpenDyslexic , i know some people don’t like that font so i’ve tried a few others on my chromebook. if they are on your platform opera, firefox, windows or ios please let us know on Facebook so i can add that information.

all the addons are free and tested on Chrome browser and from the chrome web store

Dyslexie Font.

This is another Font changing extension this font is designed by a Dyslexic guy Christian Beor who created it while at university to aid reading. Dyslexie font got quite a lot of press attention when it was released. It’s a good alternative font. Unfortunately the extension is always on you can’t turn it on or off, But that may be fine for you, my preference it an on off switch.


some folk have said Dyslexie font app doesnt work that’s not a problem with EasyRead  which uses the dyslexie font it works the same way and replaces fonts in the web browser. its just one font, simple no choices. let us know if it works for you and if you like it. if you do like it leave a review on chrome webstore and encourage the app author.

Dyslexia Extension

I’ve also come across another called Dyslexia Extension  which has way more features so could take some trial and error. The good thing is you can choose a couple of fonts and styles.
Install the extension and it opens a page with instructions. Scroll down the extension and you can choose font there.

I haven’t used Dyslexia Extension much so if you do let us know on our facebook page how you got on with it.


How about some colour in your life? This extension to chrome Browser which colours the page background with a pastel colour and you get a choice of Pink, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo, Purple. You can also add any other colour using the add profile button which is a nice touch. I like the yellow.

Accessibility Apps

There are a lot of accessibility extensions that make life easier i would be interested to know which you use and your experience of them.
Let us know on facebook if you want to write an article about it or get me to do that for you FB messenger us and we can chat.

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