Creative Study Skills and Educational Support

Creative Study Skills and Educational Support

Looking at imaginative and visual ways in addressing your studies, revision and general academic activities. Dyslexia, ADHD, learning differences etc.

Studying is hard work! but it doesn’t need to be quite so tough, with some of the ideas in this blog you could be on your way to happier study times. Davey who is dyslexic and a lecturer at Lancaster University has put together some articles with his ideas and proven techniques  Continue reading “Creative Study Skills and Educational Support”

Dyslexia fonts and browser plugins

Previously i’ve posted about Dyslexia friendly fonts and a browser extension called OpenDyslexic i know some people dont like that font so i’ve tried a few others on my chromebook if they are on your platform opera, firefox, windows or ios please let us know on Facebook so i can add that information.

all the addons are free and tested on Chrome browser and from the chrome web store

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